ICC-UAE Magazine

In this age when businesses are globally inter-connected, the need to have information, quick and accurate, at ones fingertips is much more than ever before. Realizing the importance of flow of information across the world, the ICC-UAE has been issuing quarterly and annual magazines.

The magazines cover international, regional and local news, thus bringing about a seamless connectivity between all economic sectors which give insight into developments in businesses in the UAE and worldwide.

The ICC-UAE publication will start for its first year with quarterly editions of 1000 printed copies in English and Arabic and will be electronically be distributed via its network of chambers of commerce in the United Arab Emirates to over 250,000 companies based in the UAE.

We would like to invite you to express your interest to feature your company and advertise in our ICC-UAE Quarterly Magazines.

You will find some information in the ICC-UAE Magazine Media Pack about our advertising opportunities.

If you are interested, please contact Habibullah Rizwan at habib@iccuae.com or by phone to +971 4 220 8288.