ICC-UAE Commission on Banking:

    About the Commission

    With over 80 years of experience and more than 600 members in more than 100 countries, the ICC Banking Commission - ICC largest commission - has rightly gained the reputation of being the most authoritative voice in the field of trade finance. The ICC Banking Commission produces universally accepted rules and guidelines for international banking practice. ICC rules and guidelines on documentary credits, entitled UCP 600, are the most successful privately drafted rules for trade ever developed, serving as the basis of US$2 trillion worth of trade transactions a year. The ICC Banking Commission is helping policy makers and standard setters to translate their vision into concrete programmes and regulations to enhance business practices throughout the world.

    More information about the ICC Commission on Banking can be found here.

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    2017 Rethinking Trade Finance

    2017 Banking Fact Sheet

    Banking Commission - 2016 Achievements


    To serve as a global forum and rule-making body for banks worldwide, with particular focus on the financing of international trade.



    Mr. Ahmad Majid Lootah
    Chief Executive Officer
    Al Hilal Capital
    Ahmad Majid Lootah

    Vice Chairs

    Mr. Ahmad Elayyan
    SVP-Head of Central Operations
    Ajman Bank
    Ahmad Elayyan
    Mr. Atif Raza
    Head Trade Sales
    Commercial Bank of Dubai
    Atif Raza
    Mr. Iqbal Karmally
    SVP-Head of Trade Finance
    Sharjah Islamic Bank
    Mr. K. Nizardeen
    SVP-Head of Trade Finance & Corporate Operations
    Emirates Islamic
    K. Nizardeen
    Mr. Vincent O'Brien
    Market Intelligence Group
    ICC Banking Commission
    Vincent O'Brien


    Mr. Zahoor Dattu
    Principal Consultant
    Bastaki Management Consultancy
    Zahoor Dattu

    Steering Committee Members

    Mr. Abdulkader Ali Bazara
    Head of Structured Trade Finance
    Global Transaction Services
    Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank
    Abdulkader Ali Bazara
    Mr. Krishnakumar Duraiswamy
    Head of Trade Finance
    Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank
    Mr. Rahul Jayakar
    Head of Global Transaction Services
    Products & Trade
    Mashreqbank PSC
    Rahul Jayakar

    Programme of Action

    Under the leadership of the Head and the Coordinator of the Commission, the Program of Action has been drafted in cooperation with the Steering Committee.

    • Hold one Commission Meeting and four Steering Committee Meetings.
    • Organize the 6th ICC-UAE Trade Finance Conference to highlight the latest developments in trade finance, global sanctions, insights on ICC trade finance survey results and outlooks for business in UAE.
    • Launch the Islamic Trade Finance Survey and develop Islamic Trade Finance Guidelines in partnership with the ICC Regional Banking Commission MENA.
    • Promote the ICC Banking Commission annual meeting in Jakarta.
    • Promote the finalized set of uniform rules for international factoring, in partnership with Factor Chain International (FCI).
    • Promote the ICC Trade Finance Register in partnership with the ICC Regional Banking Commission MENA.
    • Make recommendations to the Business 20/G20 process on key issues related to trade finance.
    • Help in promoting the ICC Academy educational offering in trade finance.