ICC-UAE Commission on Arbitration & ADR:

    About the Commission

    The Commission on Arbitration and ADR is ICC's rule-making body and unique think tank in the field of international dispute resolution. The commission drafts and revises the various ICC rules for dispute resolution, including the ICC Rules of Arbitration, the ICC ADR Rules, the ICC Dispute Board Rules, and the ICC Rules for Expertise. In its research capacity, it proposes new policies in the interest of efficient and cost-effective dispute resolution and provides useful tools for the conduct of dispute resolution. It also produces reports and guidelines on legal, procedural and practical aspects of dispute resolution, which are published regularly in electronic format, in the ICC Bulletin , or in separate booklets.

    The commission provides for a global forum of around 1000 members coming from more than 92 countries including lawyers, in-house counsel, arbitrators, mediators, law professors and experts in various dispute resolution fields. All contribute to ensure that ICC dispute resolution services adapt to the legislative and technological developments. The specific work of the commission is often carried out in smaller task forces. The commission holds two plenary sessions per year at which proposed rules, reports and guidelines are discussed, debated, and voted upon.

    More information about ICC’s Arbitration Commission can be found here.

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    Commission on Arbitration and ADR - 2016 Achievements

    Factsheet Arbitration Commission June 2017


    As a forum for pooling ideas on issues relating to international arbitration and other forms of dispute resolution, the ICC Commission on Arbitration and ADR aims to:

    • Draft and revise ICC’s Arbitration, Mediation, Expert, Dispute Board Rules and other forms of dispute resolution rules.
    • Study the juridical and other aspects of arbitration and alternative modes of international dispute settlement, and examine them in view of current developments.
    • Provide reports, guidelines and best practices on a range of topics of current relevance to the world of arbitration and ADR, with a view to improving ICC dispute resolution services.
    • Create a link among arbitrators, counsel and users to enable ICC dispute resolution to respond effectively to users’ needs.
    • Promote ICC’s various dispute resolution services in the UAE.



    Mr. Ali Al Aidarous
    Managing Attorney
    Al Aidarous International Legal Practice
    Ali Al Aidarous

    Vice Chairs

    Mr. Alec Emmerson
    Clyde & Co
    Alec Emmerson
    Dr. Gordon Blanke
    DWF (Middle East) LLP
    Dr. Gordon Blanke
    Mr. Hassan Arab
    Partner & Co-Head of Litigation
    Al Tamimi & Co
    Hassan Arab
    Mr. James Abbott
    Clifford Chance LLP
    James Abbott
    Mr. Mahmood Hussain Ali Ahmad
    Founding Partner
    Mahmood Hussain Law Firm
    Mahmood Hussain Ali Ahmad


    Ms. Zaynab Penot
    International Consultant Law Office
    Zaynab Penot

    Steering Committee Members

    Mr. Adrian Cole
    King & Spalding
    Adrian Cole
    Mr. Alain Farhad
    Squire Patton Boggs (MEA) LLP
    Alain Farhad
    Mr. Ali Ismail Al Zarooni
    Horizons & Co
    Ali Ismail Al Zarooni
    Mr. Essam Al Tamimi
    Senior Partner
    Al Tamimi & Co
    Essam Al Tamimi
    Mr. Ghanem Al Hajeri
    Advocate – Founding Partner
    International Consultant Law Office
    Ghanem Al Hajeri
    Mr. Philip Punwar
    Baker Botts LLP
    Philip Punwar
    Dr. Redha Darwish Al Rahma
    International Arbitrator & Financial Expert
    Axis Auditing & Accounting
    Dr. Redha Darwish Al Rahma
    Mr. Salman Al Tuweel
    Mahmood Hussain Law Firm
    Salman Al Tuweel

    Programme of Action

    Under the leadership of the Head and the Coordinator of the Commission, the Program of Action has been drafted in cooperation with the Steering Committee.

    • Hold four Steering Committee Meetings
    • Launch and develop a network of the ICC Young Arbitrators Forum (YAF) in the UAE with a new membership category to give local arbitrators access to a network of almost 10,000 members.
    • Organize two Young Arbitrator Forum Networking events
    • Promote the Launch of the Commission’s latest Report ‘Financial Institutions and International Arbitration’ with a view to promoting the use of ICC Arbitration in the financial sector
    • Support ICC Training and Events with the organization of the ICC MENA Conference on Arbitration.
    • Promote the revised edition of the Report on the IT in International Arbitration including new sample wording dealing with the use of IT in arbitral proceedings.
    • Contribute to the work on a third edition of the Guide to National Procedures for Recognition and Enforcement of Awards under the New York Convention and continue the cooperation with UNCITRAL in promoting the New York Convention.
    • Contribute to the examination and analysis the Emergency Arbitrator proceedings globally and under the 2012 Arbitration Rules, in cooperation with other arbitral institutions as well as national committees.
    • Contribute to the project on the use of arbitration and mediation in antitrust follow-on actions, including by comparing court litigation, arbitration and mediation, in collaboration with the ICC Commission on Competition.
    • Contribute to the revision of the Rules of ICC as Appointing Authority in UNCITRAL or other ad hoc Arbitration Proceedings
    • Contribute towards the study of the probative value of witness evidence in international arbitration.
    • Contribute to comment and advise on the Court’s proposal on an Expedited Procedure for Small Claims.