Atton Institute DMCC

Atton Institute Dubai provides the entire range of professional courses in all the major segments of professional education which combines traditional knowledge with the latest trends and values.

Trained staff and professional management in all departments is a guarantee of sustainable success of any business. At the Atton Institute, we provide it all – how to deliver great customer service and attain outstanding customer experience, how to improve marketing and sales results, what needs to be done on a management level to enhance overall performance, how to achieve client happiness and loyalty, and more. We provide an extensive set of professionally certified courses along with seminars and trainings on general skills as well as on specialized areas.

All of Atton Institute courses and trainings are custom-designed by our Academic Team and utilize our Methodology, which provides our students the ability to obtain skills in the fastest and simplest way possible.

Our specialized courses and trainings in Dubai cover a range of professional education areas and are designated for various professionals – self-employed, employees from different departments, management of all levels and business owners as well as employees of non-commercial entities and governmental bodies. For details on our course - see our web site

The Atton Institute has a clear set of rules and guidelines which are strictly applied within each and every component of our courses, trainings, and seminars. Our entire range of courses represents the most crucial elements of professional education.

  • Our courses are specially designed by professionals, highly educational and praxis-linked.
  • Best results for your investment – we deliver immediate and clear outcomes.
  • Courses are designed under the Atton Learning Methodology, which provides a fast and easy study process.
  • Obtained skills and knowledge immediately translate into enhanced performance in the workplace.

Our personnel and instructors / lecturers are carefully chosen, highly proficient, and deliver to our trainees the required level of professional education, refined to perfection.

We define industry standards that can be applied at all levels of your company or non-commercial private or government entity. Businesses that utilize the benefits of our courses, trainings and seminars achieve great results.

Join the Community of True Professionals. Think Smart. Think Atton.

Represented by:

Mr. Andrei Klimenko, Executive MBA

The deputy managing director and partner of Atton Institute is Mr. Andrei Klimenko, European citizen – experienced team leader and international entrepreneur having more than 26 years of multinational business expertise in the GCC, Europe and other regions in various sectors including legal consultancy, corporate banking, asset management, mergers and acquisitions, strategic investments and financial planning, business development and professional education sector.